Last day i had to wipe the disk of my vserver and since this can take a long time, i needed a way to get notified when the process is done.

I need an easy notification mechanism from any shell connected to the internet.

The solution i found was the notification api of It provides a very simple api to create Push-Notifications for Android or IOS.

It’s simple:

  • Create an account
  • Download Android/iPhone App
  • Register an app to get an api token

Now how to get notified if the disk shredding is complete?

You could get a small shell script to do the job, but i wanted something that works without hassle on every platform:

I wrote pushovercli in golang. It’s quite an overkill, but does the job and i do not need to worry if curl or the correct shell is installed.

Get notified

First, download the binary that suits your system from the releases list.

Now you’re ready to go:

$ export PUSHOVER_USER=[my user token]
$ export PUSHOVER_TOKEN=[my app token]
$ shred /dev/sdX && ./pushovercli "Shred complete" || ./pushovercli "Shred failed"