Secondary projects

  • ghkeys - Utility to get github user keys

    ghkeys is a tiny utility to get the public ssh keys of a github user.

    • Environment: go
  • pushovercli - Commandline tool for the api

    pushcli is a commandline tool for the api written in golang. It supports flags and environment variables.

    • Environment: go
  • Photowall written in golang

    Photowall is a small, functional photowall written in golang. A photowall is a picture slideshow, running on your TV at a party for example, and guests can upload photos which are added to the slideshow.

    • Environment: go
  • sexec - Simple command execution library

    sexec is a simple command execution library written in golang

    • Environment: go
  • Mantis - ArmA3 Server management

    Mantis is one of the largest project i’ve build till today. Mantis is used to manage ArmA2/3 gameservers. It manages the whole workflow from running, configuring multiple server instances to clients joining with auto configured mods. It’s in production since April 2014.

    • Environment: go, Angular.js
  • methodr - HTTP Method based Router

    methodr provides routing based on the request method written in golang. Fully http.Handler compliant.

    • Environment: go