Mantis is one of the largest project i’ve build till today. Mantis is used to manage ArmA2/3 gameservers. It manages the whole workflow from running, configuring multiple server instances to clients joining with auto configured mods. It’s in production since April 2014.

It consists of multiple components:

  • Mantis (Closed Source): Server management and configuration backend written in golang
  • Mantis Webfrontend: Webfrontend of mantis (AngularJS)
  • Hornet: Client desktop application used to join server instances with remote-configured settings like mods (using Mantis)
  • Hornet Webfrontend: Webfrontend of hornet (AngularJS)
  • Stinger: Proxy/Overlay backend of mantis to support multiple mantis instances on different hardware combined
  • pushr: Release management and auto-update server for hornet